Geant Family | Family Portraits | Rocky Point Park

One of our favorite seasons of the year to photograph is the fall. We are so delighted to share these fall portraits of the Geant family at Rocky Point Park. The kids were absolutely adorable and truly the most stylish family ever!

Family Portraits | Rocky Point Park | Vancouver Photographers

We are excited to finally share these photos of my friend and fellow photographer Dominika and her beautiful family over the summer at Rocky Point Park. Love photographing this family and can’t wait to watch the girls grow!

Nicole and Tyson | Engagement Photo Shoot | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

2015 is already an amazing year to start and we can not wait for this wedding season to really kick off! Our first of the year will be none other than this extremely sweet couple, our friends… Nicole and Tyson!

I met Nicole a few years ago through a sponsorship partnership our studio had taken on. Through the club’s events, I’ve had the pleasure to meet many amazing people and one of the first was Nicole! It’s extra awesome that she now works in the wedding industry for Louis Gervais Fine Foods and Catering (an awesome catering company by the way!). She really is a walking ray of sunshine. Just an extremely sweet, and as you can see, gorgeous young lady! So who was able to sweep Nicole off her feet? An equally sweet gentleman of course! Although I haven’t known Tyson as long, it’s very obvious he is one of the nicest guys out there. He could probably intimidate the heck out of you on the ice when he’s playing hockey, but off the ice he’s a real gentleman!

Here’s a quick sneak at their engagement session. It was a really wet day, but we still had fun and we hope you enjoy the shots!

Makeup & Hair by Margaret Lai Makeup & Hair

Engagement Session Port Moody City Hall Nicole Tyson

Joy Maternity Shoot | Rocky Point Park | Portrait Photography

A big congratulations to Joy on her new baby bump! Here’s a maternity/family shoot we did at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody. Stay tuned for photos of their little one ;)

Dominika and Rob | Maternity Shoot | Rocky Point Park

It is truly an honor to be able to photograph such special moments in peoples lives! Such is the case with Dominika and Rob. We couldn’t be happier for them on their pregnancy and we can’t wait to share photos of their beautiful daughter Mila. Congratulations again!

Sarah Maternity Session | Butter Studios | Rocky Point Park

We are excited to feature our past wedding clients Sarah and Andrew and their adorable belly bump! We couldn’t be happier for these two and we can’t wait to share the photos from their baby shoot. Congratulations again to you both! If you are interested in our maternity sessions, please contact us at

Lucy Maternity Shoot | Rocky Point Park | Family Session

Over the 20 years that I’ve know Lucy, I’ve got to photograph some monumental moments in her life. It is with great honor that I have gotten to photograph her wedding, first maternity session, her adorable daughter, and now their second baby bump. We couldn’t be happier for their growing family! Congratulations again Lucy, Mike and Mila!

Sharn & Vern | Rocky Point Park | Engagement Photography

Doesn’t Sharn and Vern make such a cute couple? The twosome made for a cute engagement session as well! We had fun with the couple at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody. Congrats to Sharn and Vern on their engagement!

Ivett & Shin | Winter Wedding | Vancouver Photographers

What happens when you have a Canadian national taekwondo champion for a bride and Canada’s best taekwondo coach as the groom? A pretty amazing wedding, that’s for sure! That’s what we found out when we shot Ivett and Shin’s wonderful winter wedding earlier this year and today… I am happy to share a few shots of the fun we had that day! Ivett competed in the 2004/2008 Summer Olympic games and also the 2011 Pan American Games where she won Canada’s first gold medal in the competition. Master Shin is Ivette’s coach as well and currently runs the very popular Tae Geuk Taekwondo in Port Moody.

You’ve probably seen their engagement session previously on our blog and man, these two must be fierce competitors in the studio because they carry their game faces… always! All kidding aside, they are they are great people and so great to work with. We started off the day in the Tri-Cities for the getting ready and heading over to Lafarge Lake for their first look, a few family/friend photos and start of their portrait session.

We then moved on to Grouse Mountain for more photos and then their ceremony and reception. The lovely couple really wanted to keep the formalities quick so that they and their guests can start the celebrating and partying as soon as possible! A wedding full of martial arts experts but all were ready to join in on the celebrations! Congratulations once again Ivette and Shin! Here’s to many happy years!

Aaron & Jessica | Vancouver Aquariam | Inlet Theatre | Wedding Photographers

So many benefits in our line of work and one of them being able to photograph weddings at all the great venus in and around Vancouver! Aaron and Jessica, our lovely couple in this feature, had their ceremony at the Inlet Theatre (City Hall) in Port Moody and then their dinner reception at the Vancouver Aquarium – definitely one of my personal favourites. With sharks, whales and otters in every next tank, there were too many photo opportunities to pass up.

Aaron, Jessica and their wedding party were lots of fun and it was great Fall wedding for us!

Enjoy our captures below and I thought I’d end with one shot that was nominated for a BC Wedding Award. Congratulations to the fabulous couple!

Ivett & Shin | Engagement Session | Rocky Point | Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Super fun engagement session with Ivett and Shin at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody! The first shot is a bit out of the norm when compared to our other e-session but we love it because it is so them! Besides being great people, these two represent Canada in Tae Kwon Do nationwide and at the Summer Olympics as coach and top women’s contender.

We had the opportunity to photograph their big day during the Winter also and can not wait to feature those shots for you!

Naturally, as the true competitors they are, it took a bit of convincing for them to not always pose with their game face! But that definitely added to the fun for us! Congratulations to Ivette and Master Shin! PS – if you want to train with the best, seek out their school at Tae Geuk Tae Kwon Do!!!

Makeup/Hair by: Margaret Lai Makeup and Hair

Boudoir Photography | SHAW Go Vancouver Boudoir Feature

Boudoir photography has definitely gained popularity over the past few years, but is still a new idea to many women! But when they discover it, they quickly learn that it’s a great way to feel sexy, stylish and that their own unique beauty really comes out during the photo shoot with Gina!

This past Valentine’s day, we had the opportunity to photography Chelan, who looked just amazing and to add to the mix… Shaw TV’s Go Vancouver crew was on site filming a segment for their Valentines Day special. In case you missed it, you can catch our segment right here:

Buntzen Lake | Photowalk | Landscape Photography

Some of my favorite moments as a photographer is to take time away to reflect and photograph the things around me. Buntzen Lake is near and dear to my heart and a place where I’ve spent a lot of my childhood. Here are some of my favorites shots!

vancouver photographers, butter studios photography, buntzen lake

vancouver photographers, butter studios photography, buntzen lake

vancouver photographers, butter studios photography, buntzen lake

vancouver photographers, butter studios photography, buntzen lake

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vancouver photographers, butter studios photography, buntzen lake

vancouver photographers, butter studios photography, buntzen lake

vancouver photographers, butter studios photography, buntzen lake

Melissa and Kevin | Maternity Session | Rocky Point Park

We are so happy to feature our good friends and former wedding clients Melissa and Kevin and their baby bump!  It’s been a year for babies and especially baby boys! Congratulations to the both of them on the recent birth of their adorable baby boy. More pictures to come ;)



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