Thanks for checking our Awards & Recognition (& News) page! We have been truly blessed to be able to do what we love doing. And no, that does not mean just being able to photograph and create videos with so many amazing clients over the years. It’s also being able to meet such a great variety of people and working with them to capture memories, create amazing marketing content, connect with our various communities, and make a lot of friends along the way. The awards, accolades, and nods of recognition are truly just a bonus of our studio’s history. Honestly, we get a little red in the cheeks anytime we are awarded a trophy or plaque! But we do value them and are so thankful for the recognition we have received. So let’s celebrate them on this page!

Butter Studios owner: Chris Chong joins the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors Team. As the membership grows to over 1000 and many years of supporting the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, Chris has decided to take the next step to do what he can to help support small businesses in Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam by joining a great team of Directors to further provide guidance and resources to benefit the community.

Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Business of the Year – Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce – So delighted to have won Business of the Year for the second time at the Tri-Cities’ best business awards gala (Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards). It was truly an honour and we were among great finalists. To businesses of any size out there, support your local chamber of commerce or board of trade organizations. There are so many great people and besides connecting with them, you also help support your business community and not-for-profit organizations!

Best Event Photography Studio – Canadian Event Awards – We were so stoked to be one of three finalists and the only studio from British Columbia to be a part of this group! While we regularly capture a lot of galas and corporate events, we decided to submit a sporting event we covered to be considered for this award, as we wanted to give a little reminder that the skills of our team has range. Proud of our first nod from the Canadian Event Awards and the recognition on the photography side of things.

Business of the Year – Golden Spike Awards – To be recognized regionally and nationally is awesome, but it’s just as great to be recognized in your own backyard. The annual Golden Spike Awards in Port Moody, BC recognizes outstanding businesses that strive to put the modest city on the map and also those who contribute to their community. We had won this during the COVID-19 pandemic so it was a pleasant surprise as the city had recognized us for some of our projects we had started during Provincial Health Order shutdowns to try and help some of our fellow business owners pivot and market their businesses.

Tri-Cities Chamber Member of the Year – Owner/Photographer/Creator: Chris Chong was honoured as the Chamber Member of the Year by the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce. We’ll probably overuse the word: “honour” on this page but it is with full sincerity that this is absolutely an honour. There are so many great members and people in our community so it felt guilty to accept this award as I just love doing what I do and get the luxury of meeting and collaborating with so many great people.

Best Photography Studio – Tri-City News A-List – 2019/2020/2021 – Thank you to the Tri-Cities community for continuing to vote us as the best photography studio 3 years running! One of our goals when we first opened up our studio in Port Moody was to get all of Metro Vancouver to know that there are some awesome creative people in our back yard. It has never been more true and it’s our pleasure to be among some great company! Chris probably should’ve tucked in his shirt for the magazine cover shoot here…

Best Photography Studio – West Ender News – Thank you to the Vancouverites that voted for us. The recognition to our team is greatly appreciated. While we’re based in Port Moody, we have always seen ourselves as being a part of several communities. Often times we think of us as part of the Metro Vancouver community, Tri-Cities community and Port Moody community.

Best Online Marketer – Small Business BC Awards – Our first finalist recognition from Small Business BC. Alright so you might’ve noticed it’s a bit of a different category than you’re used to seeing us in; however, I think it’s draws a bit of attention to our knowledge of content creation when we photograph or create video content for your business. Lovely to be recognized for this category and congratulations to all of the finalists and winners! Other nominations we have received at the Small Business BC Awards includes Business of the Year, Best Company and Premier’s People’s Choice Awards.

Small Business of the Year – Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce – The first one is always the most special one right? While not an award specifically for the creative industry, we are just as proud to have more than one business award on our studio’s awards area. We truly embody the small business owner world and since winning this one a few years back, we have always believed in being a small studio doing big things!

Business Excellence Awards (2014-2019) – We have received quite a few and nomination finalist nods for various categories at this awards gala over the years. Some notable ones includes: Business of the Year, Business Leader of the Year and Young Professional of the Year (back when Chris was little bit younger… and the age limit cap was a little bit higher). Always fun to be working an event when you’re one of the finalists too!

BC Wedding Awards (2013-2017) – Once upon a time, wedding photography/cinematography was our sole jam and then in about 2007 we started growing our commercial/corporate side of the business. Our wedding portfolio moved over to the Butter Weddings brand and website. For a few years, we had been finalist for a few categories including: Best Detail Photograph, Best Group Photo, Best Photobooth, Best Live Entertainment (Photobooth), Best Live Entertainment (Slo-mo booth).

Business of the Year – Port Moody Golden Spike Awards – 2020 was not our first dance at the rodeo. In 2019 we were a finalist for the Business of the Year as well. Pretty great for the city’s economic development team to recognize our studio as a contender for this cool award. Port Moody is our home base and we’re proud to have established our studio here.