2020 is a very unique year for fundraisers. With the restrictions on large gatherings (and rightfully so, we all need to stay healthy!), many gala fundraising events that so many great not-for-profit organizations rely on can not be held this year. Well… not in its usual fashion anyway. In comes virtual galas where guests can still enjoy from the comfort of their home and also help raise much need funds for awesome causes like the BC Cancer Foundation who we have had the pleasure to work with on a pretty regular basis the past few years. Truly a great team over there and they did an amazing job with raising $1.75 million from this year’s Hope from Home virtual event (usually known as the Hope Couture Gala). This year’s fundraising efforts were to help fund a Lung Cancer Screening program at BC Cancer.

With a virtual event, our role was also quite different for this year! Chris and Lisa from the team visited several committee member’s and guest houses to capture (at a safe distance) their viewing party preparations and some fun details! Chris also photographed some behind the scenes at the PEAK Technologies warehouse in Burnaby where they were setup to manage the virtual broadcast and live stream the emcees.

As always, we encourage you to visit the BC Cancer Foundation website and consider donating to them as they do amazing work for the community and cancer patients. This is coming from first hand experience for family members of ours. We also helped put together a highlight video of their live stream and pre-recorded videos that you can check out below as well!