Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce | Annual General Meeting | Event Photography

We take pride in continuing to support our local Chamber of Commerce. The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce is the fastest growing one! We have seen first hand how there are more and more attendees at their events! Congratulations to Graeme Hankey for joining the board at this year’s AGM!

YWiB – Young Women in Business SFU | Wrap Up Event | Vancouver

We’re pleased to show you a few highlights from this year’s YWiB-SFU wrap up party. This club constantly impresses us with their events, support to help prepare their members to be prepared for the business world. From an amazing International Women’s Day Conference (which you can find a bit earlier on our blog) to their Mentor program, which partners up a member with a successful mentor… there is just so much for the members.

Having been a part of many of their events in our own little way, we get to see the unspoken side of this University club… Most notably the sisterhood between the members.

As the outgoing president: Rosa said to me, it’s bittersweet. On one hand you are leaving this chapter of your University life, but so much to look forward to in the very near future. As the torch has always been passed from amazing president to president each year, incoming President Betty will surely do a fantastic job leading the team throughout 2014-15.

We also did an official launch of our new #Buttergram Instagram Kiosk at this event! It was a huge hit with all the guests taking a photo with their smartphone and printing it at our kiosk! A new twist to the traditional photo booth! Contact for rates!

For the Butter Team, we have made some great friends who we still see regularly whether it is in the corporate setting or via the wedding industry.

Congratulations on an amazing year ladies and we hope to see the next generation shortly after the Summer! If you’re a student at UBC, Kwantlen or SFU… build your story with YWiB.

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