Once upon a time (in 2007) Butter Media introduced Butter Photobooth – a portable photo booth machine that had since then provided fun to thousands of events, broke barriers for awards, we captured millions of silly fun. As a photographer; however, what I really appreciated was the interaction with guests and opportunity to throw out different ideas and capture the personality of each of them. So after some time, we had moved on from the photo booth (machines) and moved it to a partner service while we switched gears and continue to directly offer our portrait station service. Sometimes a beautifully-designed setting/background was provided by the event decorator, other times one of our high end backdrops would be selected, and also quite popular was our black and white portrait station. We have had periods where we offered Flipbooks, Slow-Mo Booths, Instagram Kiosks, Green Screen Stations. Call it trends, call it hype, but let’s be real , all of the above offers fun, creativity and a fantastic way to remember an event you attended (or created). When I asked myself what is my favourite setup? The answer ultimately came back to me, my camera, a plain backdrop and the person in front of me. Take out the environment noise, no special effects, zone into the moment and let’s see what you and I can create in a few seconds. Priceless.