2023 Lunar New Year Gala Celebrating the Lucky 8th Edition of Fete Chinoise Magazine.

So what is a Vancouver-based photographer doing in Toronto? Due to scheduling conflicts, we we didn’t have a chance to see Fete Chinoise’s Annual Lunar New Year Gala in Toronto the past few years, so it was with abundant excitement that the schedule worked out this year. Chris had the opportunity to work with Fete Chinoise on a pre-gala photoshoot with a very talented individual (wait for the next issue to see) and then later on enjoyed the gala as a guest. But of course… he couldn’t put the camera down and ended up with some great shots. Lots of special guests including Elaine Lui (laineygossip.com – pictured in her beautiful red dress below), Melissa Leong, Canadian actor: Kerry Lai Fatt, Tina Lee (T&T Supermarkets), Tyler Shaw (Coquitlam-born singer and songwriter – captured on the red carpet below), Hong Kong singer: YoYo Sham, Visual Artist: Tik Ka from the East, and of course my friend and Editor-in-Chief of Fete Chinoise/Founder of Palettera & Ferris Wheel Press: Deborah Lau-Yu (captured in the amazing room inspired by the Blue Mansion in Malaysia); among many other great guests. Most of my photos are currently reserved for possible publication so we can’t share them with you at this time, but here are a few to give you an idea of what an amazing job the Fete Chinoise team did in creating this celebration of Culture, Collaboration and Celebration.

By the way… pick up your copy of the 8th Edition of Fete Chinoise to see photographs from our shoot with Canadian-born Actor/Singer of Hong Kong fame: Linda Chung Ka Yan. Learn more about Fete Chinoise here: https://www.fetechinoise.ca/