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Madison and Alex | Winter Engagement | Lynn Canyon

Today’s feature was a real treat for us. We had a lovely time photographing Alex and Madison’s engagement shoot during our extended Wintery season! Prior to this session we had only been to the canyon during hotter weather but I must say, it’s quite beautiful there with fresh snow! This made for the perfect backdrop for this very lovely couple. A bit of a softer look to kick off the shoot and as the snow started falling again, we got a little bit more playful as well. So happy for Madison and Alex and a big congratulations to them! Hope you’ve booked YOUR e-session already! The Vancouver wedding season will be officially upon us very soon!

To see more of our wedding portfolio – check out our new wedding website HERE!!!

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Tammy and Marc | Vancouver Engagement Photo Shoot | Burnaby Mountain

The hot days of Summer are coming soon so cool off for a second and check out Tammy and Marc’s Winter e-session! What a fun and loving couple these two are! When they told me that they wanted to do a shoot in the snow, I was so excited. They were definitely not afraid of the cold and had a blast throughout the shoot on Burnaby Mountain. It was the perfect snowy day and I was so happy we could take advantage of it. Can’t wait for their big day next Summer! I already know it’s going to be so much fun and will be filled with many unforgettable moments. So honoured that we get the opportunity to capture it! Congratulations to Tammy and Marc!

Winter Engagement Photo Shoot Tammy and Marc Burnaby Mountain Vancouver

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