Spectacle Gala 2014 | Seva Canada Fundraiser | Vancouver Club

We had the fortunate opportunity to be the sponsor photographers for Spectacle at the The Vancouver Club this past Friday… a fundraiser for Seva Canada – an organization that provides eye care in developing countries.

The story behind the creation of this event is extra special to us. It starts with an amazing young lady by the name of Lesley Kim. Lesley is a long-time friend of Chris’. They often joke that they’re brother/sister from another mother. Lesley calls Chris “oh ba” which means big brother in Korean and Chris would return the favour by calling her “tong seng,” (little sister) even though he’s not Korean… In fact, Lesley gave the most amazingly charming, touching and hilarious speech at our wedding.

We were saddened to hear that Lesley recently lost the use of her left eye recently due to an accident (http://spectaclevancouver.com/the-story/). This type of accident would understandably spurt an infinite amount of questions in ones’ future, but that’s not how Lesley works. As an amazing woman who endured life’s challenges, this recent challenge only motivated her to inspire even more people and positively impact the less fortunate. Within’ 3 very short months, Spectacle, the event, had arrived! A sold out event with Vancouver’s best to help execute one of the most amazing events to hit Vancouver… ever!

We are so proud of you Lesley. Thank you for inspiring us.

For event photography including corporate event rates, please contact chris@butterstudios.ca.

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Please join us in recognizing the amazing sponsors involved:

Fluent Productions
The Flower Factory
Hard Rock Casino Vancouver
Tidal Transport & Trading Ltd
Regency Lexus Vancouver
Khare Communications
Kien and Sweet
Debut Event Design Inc
Harmony Cakes
The Collective You
La Macaronette

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