Wedding photography vancouver samples by specialist wedding photographers of Butter studios vancouver.
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wedding photography Vancouver

More newlyweds are becoming Butter couples each year as you can see above! Butter Studios is so honoured to be wedding photographers in this awesome city of Vancouver! We have so many chances to work with such wonderful couples and are able to witness one of the most important days of their lives.

Celebrate the memories of your wedding forever when you hire Butter Studios to capture the many moments throughout your dream wedding! Our wedding photography team in Vancouver is committed to capture the spirit, emotion, and unique character of your special day. We pay special attention to every moment and also provide those unexpected photographs that make each wedding so personal and special. At Butter Studios, our style of wedding photography will forever document the love, joy, emotions and overall feel of your celebration ... which not only can be relived at a glance ... but can be passed down for generations to come. Nobody will spend more time with you on your wedding day then us. We will be by your side, not in your way.

Book a Butter Studios wedding photographer for a consultation so that we can further discuss your big day and what you're looking for a in your wedding photographer today!