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Hello world! So this post is a bit different than the others you have seen on our website. In fact, these photos are from an event quite a while ago, because quite frankly… I was debating whether to post it or not. The bottom line is, this set of photos is not about us… It’s not about our photography (obviously the #1 passion of ours). I came across these photos again this evening and did not deliberate much about posting it. In fact, the immediate feeling was joy. Joy that we have so many talented (and very busy) professionals/artists in the Vancouver Wedding Industry, yet so many of us came together to follow Lele Pantoja Chan’s (of TutuandFru.com) lead on an amazing event. Through the kindness of this wonderful group, an amazing 5-star dinner with lots of goodies for the guests was created.

Lele had and delivered on a vision of creating a rooftop gala for some ladies who never had a fine dining experience or as described on Tutuandfru.com, “felt the dignity of actually being served – something most of us take for granted.”

Simply put… this was a surprise that none of the guests expected. It really warms the heart to look back on the photos and remember how each of them smiled, laughed, and enjoyed the evening thoroughly. To top off the wonderful three course meal, the guests also received gift bags and jewelry. Smiles did not just come from the guests though. All of the volunteers, people that we’re proud to call our colleagues, laughed along with them. We were so happy to be a part of this wonderful evening and had the opportunity to put forth a small contribution.

I will always remember a moment after the dinner was all done. we were just packing up our equipment into the car and one of the guests, with a big smile, hugged us and thanked us for the best experience of her life.

Thank you Lele for organizing this event once again. Big love to everyone that was a part of it, including those that could not be there and still contributed gifts and donations.

Please don’t let the giving stop and donate to Atira HERE.

You can also read more about this event HERE.

Event Sponsors

Drew Cooks! Catering Services
A&B Party Rentals
DeLovely Creative
The Flower Factory
Butter Studios
Art of the Party
True Blue Event Rentals
Debut Event Design
Upright Decor
DJ Kasha Kennedy
Kunioo Photo & Cinema
Photobooth Vancouver

Gift Sponsors

Tracey Knapton Thody
Maizie Thorleifson
Pixie Riddle
Daniela Ciuffa-Syskakis
Cristina Samper Pearl
John & Marg Vriend
Vasia Weddings

Event Volunteers

Vashti Bautista
Camille Fortin-Bensler
Chadwick Bensler
Sarah Braim
Allan Chan
LeLe Chan
Jayna Marie Damasco
Curtis Doucette
Alicia Keats
Victoria Kovacs
Johanna McFarland
Adam Meagher
Jessica Minnie
Andrew Munro
L’nielle Pantoja
Melissa Pereira
Gordon Purchase
Maria Rivera
Jenna Smith
Tracey Knapton Thody
Derek Thody
Margot Bower Watt
Kelsey Vriend
Henry Zhang

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