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Here’s a story… of a couple named Liza and Matt… okay, doesn’t really work with the Brady Bunch theme. But hey, these two are nothing like the Brady Bunch. Matt and Liza are definitely a superstar couple. Their wedding was tons of fun. Gina and I were with the bridal party pretty well from start to finish on their big day! It was lots of fun with them and their very enthusiastic (in a great way) party! The guests were super as well and I can’t wait to share the wedding photos with you out there in the Internet world, BUT you’re going to have to wait ;). If you didn’t catch their e-session I posted a little while ago then check it out by clicking HERE! In the meantime, here is some of the wicked fun they had in the Butter Photobooth! Congratulations once again Mr. and Mrs. Gates! Many, many super happy years for you two! It was a jam packed weekend so watch out for more posts the next few days! Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook HERE!

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